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The Mysteries of the Incas

Explore the wonders of Peru and marvel at the technology and construction expertise of the ancient Inca people. Did you know that their building empire stretched along the entire length of Peru, down the western coast of South America? Machu Picchu is the most famous of their sites, but there are many that just as…
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Gibraltar is not a location that most folks ever think of visiting, but the history and uniqueness of the place make it truly special. The country sits on a peninsula in Spain, but it is a British principality situated on the Mediterranean Sea. If it is a clear day, you can all the way across…
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Romancing the River

River cruising, the new “go to” vacation that everyone is talking about.  It’s not just for senior travelers anymore.  As the river cruise market has exploded, river boats have adapted to a changing client base offering family friendly itineraries, more active excursions and more time in ports to fully experience the cultural.   The rivers of the world…
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This past weekend I took a quick trip up to New England for a wedding with my family. It was my first time back in Boston in over 30 years and my first time ever-visiting Cape Cod. We flew in on a Thursday and taxied over to our hotel near Copley Square, then proceeded to…
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British Isles Cruise

Welcome to the first edition of the Rockett Getaways Travel Blog. Here I’ll be detailing what I’ve done on some of my adventures and highlighting some favorite stops and activities. As with most of our vacations we arrived at our port of call at least a full day before the cruise embarked. We always do…
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