In the late 1990s, LuAnn Rockett began planning family trips as a hobby, tirelessly searching for the best deals, excursions, and ways of getting the most out of the time away. Soon, she started helping friends, their friends, and families she didn't even know!

Anna Potter (left) and LuAnn Rockett (right)

In 2012, LuAnn decided to start her own agency, Rockett Getaways, which has since grown to one of the largest volume producing independent agencies in the southeast.

Rockett Getaways specializes in ocean and river cruises, Disney vacations, all-inclusive resorts, and travel to Europe.  We aim to get to know our customers so that we can provide travel advice and experiences most suited to each client’s personal needs and wants.

Rockett Getaways works with a wide range of travelers offering independent travel, group travel and custom itineraries.  We always personalize each trip so that it caters to the unique interests and wants of the client. With our help, you will always have an itinerary that speaks to you!

Quick and timely responses to your questions or concerns is one of our top priorities; we will gladly assist you during the planning process and even while you’re traveling! If you decide to change your itinerary at the last moment, extend your stay, or have any complications, Rockett Getaways will do everything in our power to assist.

Since all of our clients have different budgets and goals, Rockett Getaways will work with you to create a travel experience that fits your desires.

With our expertise, you will soon be on your way to the trip of a lifetime!

- The Rockett Getaways Team

LuAnn Rockett, Owner/Agent - rockettgetaways@gmail.com / 770.329.2530

Anna Potter, Agent - anna@rockettgetaways.com / 404.594.4117