Our History

Fifteen years ago, LuAnn Rockett began planning family trips as a hobby. She would tirelessly search for the best deals, excursions, and ways of getting the most out of the time away. Soon, she started helping friends, their friends, and more families than she ever knew!

LuAnn Rockett Owner / Agent

LuAnn Rockett Owner / Agent

Eventually, LuAnn was able to start her own travel agency based on referrals alone:  Rockett Getaways.

Today, Rockett Getaways continues to help clients all over the US by providing the best packages for their cruise or vacation!  Helping them achieve that goal LuAnn's daughter, Anna Potter recently joined the company.

Rockett Getaways specializes in independent Europe travel packages, and also has certifications from some of the top cruise lines including Crystal, Regent, Disney, just to name a few.

Rockett Getaways works with a wide range of travelers from the elderly to those requiring more specialized assistance, plus large groups including children and university students. Because of Rockett Getaway's varied clientele, they always personalize each plan so that it caters to their unique interests and wants. With their help, you will always have an itinerary that speaks to you!

Recently Rockett Getaways helped nearly 200 college students cruise for spring break, and between that and honeymoons, weddings, and family getaways, there is always a new challenge that they gladly welcome! They understand many of the world’s top destinations both from personal experience and studious research, and whether you’re on your way to Disney World or Australia, they will provide tips to make your journey unforgettable!

Quick, timely responses to your questions or concerns is of top priority to Rockett Getaways.  They will gladly assist you during the planning process and even while you’re traveling! If you decide to change your itinerary at the last moment, extend your stay, or have any complications, Rockett Getaways will do everything in their power to quickly fix the situation.

Since all of their clients have different budgets and goals, Rockett Getaways will work with you to create a travel experience that fits your desires.

With their expertise, you will soon be on your way to the trip of a lifetime!

- The Rockett Getaways Team

Our Guiding Principles

Integrity, Honesty, Dedication

As someone who has "been there, done that" in terms of global and local travel, Rockett Getaways knows what it means to have someone you can trust guiding and organizing your travel.

You'll receive...

  • honest, responsible and dedicated engagement in your travel plans
  • the best deal for your situation, not what benefits Rockett Getaways

The benefit for Rockett Getaways is knowing that you've had a great, satisfying travel experience.

Why Choose Us

The hallmark of our service is lightning fast turnaround on all calls, texts and emails. Unless it is the middle of the night, we truly respond almost instantly to all requests and strive to have a quote turnaround time of less than 12 hours if possible.

LuAnn and Anna have both traveled extensively throughout the world and have "boots on the ground" knowledge that is priceless when talking with you about the nuts and bolts of your trip.

An initial phone consultation is always scheduled to make sure that we understand, you, your family, and your travel style and needs. Are you active? Do you want 5 star hotels? Do you like food and wine? The more we know about you, the better we can meet your needs.

Every trip is custom just for you. Even a Caribbean cruise can have those special touches, like a quality boutique hotel and dinner at one of the best restaurants in town, pre cruise. If you want to cage dive with a great white shark, we can do that too!

Although travel is the ultimate adventure, we make sure that you are met at the airport after that long flight and escorted to the hotel. Every aspect of your trip is documented and we will meet via phone or in person to discuss every line item if needed, in order to ensure a seamless experience.

Above all else, Rockett Getaways looks after our clients and their interests first and foremost.

They will...

  • never up sell in order to make more money
  • never try to book above your budget as they completely respect people's finances.  If a mistake is made, they will own it at their expense and hopefully you will never even know that it happened

What We Offer

  • Personalized and comprehensive itineraries
  • Destination knowledge
  • Strong industry partnerships
  • Concierge level support

Meet our Team

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