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Anna Potter Owner and Agent


Anna Potter

Anna took over as Owner and CEO of Rockett Getaways in 2022.

Anna joined Rockett Getaways in 2018 after leaving a 10 year career in higher education.  She has extensive travel experience in the US, Caribbean, Europe, and Central and South America and loves helping clients discover new destinations.  As a mom of young kids, she also specializes in all things Disney and family travel!

Jackie Hall Agent


Jackie Hall

Jackie joined Rockett Getaways in 2020. After working for Disney World and Disneyland for 8 years, Jackie loves planning Disney trips.

She also specializes in all-inclusives to the Caribbean and Mexico. She is a musician-turned teacher who has traveled through Europe, Asia and South America as both a musician and tourist.

LuAnn Rockett Agent


LuAnn Rockett

LuAnn began Rockett Getaways in 2012 and has turned a tiny seed of a business into a towering tree.  She and her husband travel multiple times per year to destinations all over the world.  LuAnn uses her personal experience to develop relationships with partners across the globe and is able to offer first-hand tips and advice to clients.  She specializes in European land trips and river cruises but can make any vacation destination a great trip!


Vance Hannifen

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